Interesting Photographs Part 2

While going through our photographs since we started travelling I came across these photographs of the Daulatabad Fort. Have a look.

Entry Gate to lower levels of the fort. You have to walk a LOT to get here

Smaller door used during evenings

The passageway you had to take if you were coming in late at night. Any body entering would have to come in head first and with limited use of their weapons.

Most rumored to be infested with crocs separate the lower part of the fort from the maze that will led you to the staircase for upper reaches of the fort

View from the platform after the maze. You wil still have to climb more steps in case you want to visit the palatial complex

Embedded earthen pots I would like to believe they are for water but they were in the lower part so who knows what sinister purpose they serve.
The main cannon of the fort. It has its own Building which you reach by guess what Climbing more steps

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