Shame on Me!! Been Away Too Long???

A Photo Wall at a Restasurant
There are usually no excuses for a MIA on your own site and letting it run for almost a month without proper updates. Well I have been traveling.
All July I was in Malaysia working on my day job throughout the day and being too lonely in the weekends to actually travel. I did eat a few delicacies and am still to put most of them here.
A week after I returned we went off to a trip which had been planned and re-planned so many times i don't even remember how it started out. Without our laptops and internet last ten days saw minimal online activity.
A day after we came back we have guests visiting for a few days and again we are busy.
When you don't get time you tend to find it and I am typing this in lunch hour.

All this being said work looms large in office and things might get heated and may result in change of base, but for now I am trying to get all the photos sorted and words typed in so that the day job does not eat away at the dream job.

Apart from the regular posts we are looking and working at a few other avenues.

Our ebook for those who find it difficult to work and travel is in final stages and we hope to publish it in a few months time. Maybe we'll have a giveaway session for it once we feel it is done.

There's another ebook that is making rounds in our minds. We have been asked a lot about India and many a times we are shocked about the questions we get. Yup we are a developing nation but we do have facilities. We are planning to do a preparatory guide of sorts, that is if it ever gets on any kind of paper.

Apart form the books our friends have been asking us to write more about our money saving activities, maybe we would do that soon a guide of places we have visited is in the making. We know that it can be a big challenge to see a place over a weekend or a day. The guide would help you accomplish just that and then there is a part which will cover more detailed aspects of the destinations.

We have a few interesting interviews lined up. You will be meeting Ajay Reddy the man who started Gounesco and a few travelers who have taken up the challenge.
So please do stay tuned.

Before you make a move please jot down a few suggestions especially for the ebooks.

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