Kerala- Houseboats on backwaters

There are many experiences to be had in Kerala- God's Own country. One of the best is a house boat. A pleasant stay floating on the backwaters with delicious homemade food.
If you are looking for the practical information jump down to the last few paragraphs of the post. If you would like to hear more about the awesome experience keep on reading.
One of the many contenders for the title "Venice of the east"this city thrives on its waterways. It is a different experience to see school ferry instead of school bus picking up children from their homes. A small city  some 50 odd kilometers from Kochi presents a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Captured by the allure of spending a night over backwaters we included it in our honeymoon itinerary. 
It can be as basic or as luxurious as you want it to be with a wide array of boats to choose from.
used to carry rice and spices earlier these are now a must for relaxing trip in the backwaters. Made form natural products the modern house boats are engine powered.
Do not forget to go out in the smaller boats which approach you once you are parked for the night.
Below are a few photographs which bring out calm of the backwaters.

You can book a houseboat in advance and the rates are from 7500/- a night as of January 2013 which is also the Peak season. We paid 5500/- during our trip in Feb 2011. You can easily book it through Kerala Tourism.
Another way is to go to allepy early in the day and haggle the prices. Atypical day on houseboat starts at 10-11 am and ends the same time next day. you also have the option of routing through to some of the Ayurveda centers and get a massage.
Food on the boat is included in the price, and you will definitely step off full and satisfied. Make you food preferences clear and if you do have fish make it clear. From what I have heard they do the best fish ever.

Have you been on one or are planning your trip to Kerala?

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