Mumbai walk

Walking is boring? Best way to get to your destination fast is to get a transport? You are not completely wrong but if we followed this advise Mumbai would have been just a row of buildings.

A coolie Rushing to get to the train @ CST Mumbai
When we got out of the Chatrapati Shivaji terminal the weather made us walk to gateway of India. Though i have to admit our frugality had a lot to do with it but you see a lot of things when on road.
Not many were about and the only vehicles that passed us were taxis ferrying people to the train station. Colonial influence on Mumbai speaks out from the buildings along the route from CSTM to Gateway of India. super hungry we walked along looking for some place to eat at 6:30 in the morning but found nothing instead we found a treasure of beautifully detailed buildings.
A Window @ CST Mumbai
Blackie House @ Mumbai
We thought we might get some food here @ Mumbai
A man sleeping opposite Light of Asia@ Mumbai
Pigeons  @ Mumbai

Another building on the corner @ Mumbai
Park with Bird hole installation @ Mumbai

Town Hall and Library @ Mumbai

Road in front of town hall @ Mumbai

Graffiti on the way, area beyond this was 'Prohibited' @ Mumbai
And then we found the prohibited area. Don't ask me what is prohibited it doesn't say.
Tried so hard to get the spire, this is best pic of the church @ Mumbai
National Gallery of Modern Art @ Mumbai
White town hall against the morning sky is my favorite sight along the street. Gateway of India was perfect culmination of the walk.
The Gateway of India

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