Good Taste

Surprisingly good Chana Masala at an eatery near Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station
Some journeys leave a good taste in your mouth and this one did that for us. The reason was not just all the heritage we got to experience, it was all about the food and especially the food on train.
What started with delicious chana masala outside Hyderabad railway station transformed into a jouney which made us want to eat more. Still there was this one train which won our hearts.
Pressed on time to actually accommodate Bom Jesus before our onward train to Mumbai we caught an auto to get us to the Portuguese cathedral. To our relief we saw the cathedral and were at the station with a few minutes to spare. Our mood had lifted by then but what happened next became a highlight of the trip for us food loving people.
Have a look at what all we ate on this trip right from the small  eatery at Hyderabad station to the coffee we had in Mumbai

Breakfast at Hampi Just the way I like it Tasty, Filling and Cheap

A snack from the stall outside Vittala Temple @ Hampi lets just say it saved us

Jalebi from the night stalls at Hampi
Chaat at the night market of Hampi
Our Breakfast and Lunch Vada Pav On train from Hampi to Goa

My staple to keep away low sugar issues. Helped me everywhere.

Dabeli from train pantry on our way from Goa to Mumbai AWESOME

Methi Bajji from train pantry on our way from Goa to Mumbai AWESOME

Coffee which costed us a two person lunch at a street vendor but so worth it

On our way back to Hyderabad hot samosa from the train pantry

The best thing in this train Jhalmuri on our way back to Hyderabad
A moving train doesn't really help you photograph but i believe tasty food manages to shine through. Many of these are deserve a post on themselves which are already in the making.

So which journey was it that left a good taste in your mouth?

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