Travelling with Sriram- An Interview

Sriram at Konark
An interview with the guy who completed the Gounesco challenge 2012 and ended a runner up. Sriram talks to us about what interests him and why he travels.

We travelers are a very happy community and nothing gives us more pleasure than to listen and narrate travel stories. More we know about our fellow travelers and their tales more we want to know more.
Raju Sriram Bhupathiraju is one of those who completed the GoUnesco challenge last year and finished as a runner up.
It was quite interesting to know about somebody who has already finished the challenge we are working and travelling on. Here’s what he had to say.
Tell us about your self
At Goa
I guess I can very comfortably say I am a seeker... an inquisitive person who tries to know new things and explore new perspective and possibilities.
This quest has had me try various different fields of work in my career. I have quite a few different hats playing the career game.
Why do you travel?
Yup! May favorite subject in school was Social Studies! I don’t know why but History, Civics & Geography gave me kicks!
Modern, Medieval and Ancient History in my 8th, 9th and 10th Grades were something that made me go home and look up the text books to read more into them again.
I guess it is this statement that someone said growing up ""History repeats itself and the future always has answers from History"".
Combined love for history and the inquisitiveness I guess gets me to appreciate history, and what better a way to explore than go foot loose exploring stories from 'what is left' stone and 'what is not' from the 'sands of times'.
Why Gounesco?
Shore Temple Mahabalipuram
The most well preserved and documented sites up for a challenge sounded like a 'history party' to me.
I just quit my job and had some little moolah stashed aside, the foot loose that I am, the Itch started when my friends told me about this challenge... and needless to say...I jumped in on the idea... and yeah... 20,000 Km's and about 35 days later...  I had mid full of memories and a heart that craved more travelling.
Which one has been your favourite place?
I would like to answer this by rephrasing something I read earlier:
"People who LIKE travel have favorites, People who LOVE travel couldn't probably choose" :)
What do you expect to gain by the end of the year?
Well, I already have completed the challenge (2012 as runners up).
The fact that I have LIVED a different colour of life (Backpacking), and I kicked ass doing that, is good enough for me!
The great memories, the experiences that I cherish, the pure kick of bare basic travelling was plenty!
What else excites you?
Running (A new found love),
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