Me waiting for Hyderabad Local

I never thought I can miss a blog but in past few days I have missed writing for my blog quite a bit. Nothing new has happened on gounesco front except we have booked tickets for a great experimental trip.
I have been looking forward to Hampi ever since we shifted to Hyderabad and after quite a few failed attempts we have finally booked our tickets (again) for Hampi. Why I call this trip experimental is because we will not just be covering Hampi but also Goa and Mumbai.
I love Goa it feels like you are constantly in a party but this time we will be in Goa to visit the churches and will be there for a few hours before we catch our train to Mumbai from the Karamali railway station.
Our trip is planned as
1.       Hyderabad to Hampi Thursday night in a train
2.       Spend Friday and night in Hampi
3.       Catch an early morning train to Goa and reach Goa sometime in Saturday afternoon
4.       Catch overnight train to Mumbai on Saturday evening
5.      Reach Mumbai early morning and visit elephant before catching train back to Hyderabad in the afternoon.
We both think it will be a great way to test ourselves for the 10 days trip we have planned across northern India in August. We will be spending almost all of our nights in the train and that will prepare us for the break neck speed of travel for the other trips.
Aj sleeping in train enroute Chennai
We both sometimes doubt our compact planning as it definitely does not give you enough time to see the city. But I have finally understood that I might never ever have visited these places if not for the challenge and a chance to say I have seen this and the bragging rights you earn is beyond compare.
I have been asked ‘what will you get when you finish the challenge?’ It is difficult to make people who ask this question understand but I usually say nothing. To my fellow traveller who is thinking twice about it believe me you’ll love it. How many people can truly say that they traveled length and breadth of India in a year? Not many but many of us will do it this year.
Happy travelling share your thoughts and tell me if you have traveled more than a couple of days and visited a new city every day or spent all nights travelling.
Happy travelling

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